What Are Some Interview Questions Asked When You Apply for a Position in Payroll?


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An interview for a position in payroll may include questions about the applicant's familiarity with certain computer software, familiarity with common payroll and IRS forms, how the applicant would handle hypothetical payroll situations and what skills the applicant believes are most important for a payroll position. The interview may also include more general questions, such as the applicant's biggest weakness and what the applicant's goals are.

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Microsoft Word, Excel and Access are examples of software used in many payroll positions. A specific payroll system may be used as well. Interviewers ask applicants about their familiarity with these to ensure that they have the necessary skills and don't require computer training.

Common forms for those in payroll positions include overtime approval, expense reimbursement and time cards. IRS forms include W-2 and W-4 forms. Knowledge of these forms indicates that the applicant can handle the position's requirements without additional training.

An interviewer might ask what the applicant would do when an employee is upset due to receiving incorrect pay. Hypothetical situations like these demonstrate the applicant's interpersonal and problem-solving skills. Interviewers typically look for applicants who empathize while quickly correcting the issue.

While payroll positions require many skills, some of the most important are mathematics, attention to detail and analytical ability. Since the position involves money, it also requires accuracy.

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