How Do You Interview a Preschool Teacher?

How Do You Interview a Preschool Teacher?

To interview a preschool teacher, a person should ask questions about the candidate's experience, education and what his or her teaching style is. Quite often, teaching candidates are interviewed in front of a panel. This is helpful because it allows input from a group of people rather than just one or two.

A preschool teacher should be interviewed just as stringently as a teacher in any other grade. It is important to get information on his or her background, ethics and style of teaching.

  1. Discuss background
  2. Knowing applicants' backgrounds is helpful in determining the type of experience they have. Some appropriate topics would be asking why they decided to become a teacher, asking about educational background, including degrees and honors, and asking why they want to teach preschool rather than an upper grade.

  3. Discuss reactions to different scenarios
  4. To gain an idea of how the teacher will react in the classroom, present a few different scenarios. One example might be how to handle conflict between two students or how the applicant will set up the classroom for the first day of school.

  5. Discuss teaching philosophies
  6. Get an idea of the applicants' teaching philosophies by asking about their approach to classroom management. Other questions include their opinion of excellent teacher qualities or the greatest challenges for today's students.