How Do You Interview Potential Employees?


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Interviewing potential employees includes figuring out what type of employee is desired, choosing an interview structure, compiling good interview questions and developing a ratings system. Proper preparation increases the odds of finding the best employee for each position.

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Begin preparing for interviews by reviewing the job description and taking into account previous employees in the position. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of former employees to determine what traits candidates must have to qualify for the position. Structure the interview into beginning, middle and end segments. Next, develop a series of interview questions that are useful for finding candidates who possess all the necessary characteristics for the job. Interview questions may be factual, behavioral or situational in nature. Factual questions help candidates expand on the information on their resume. Behavioral questions uncover specific job-related skills that candidates possess. Situational questions are used to find out what candidates would do in hypothetical situations.

Stress interview questions are another option to consider when planning the interview. These are typically open-ended questions that require candidates to explain something, raising their level of stress. With a solid ratings system in place, all the candidates can be evaluated according to predetermined standards. For example, candidates can be rated poor, fair, good or excellent for a number of traits.

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