How Do You Interview a New Doctor?

How Do You Interview a New Doctor?

To interview a new doctor, prospective patients need to ask questions concerning his or her billing practice, accepted insurance, certifications, attitude towards technology, thoughts on nonconventional treatments and patient policies. Prospective patients should write down pertinent questions ahead of time to ensure they cover important matters.

A comprehensive interview requires a few steps.

  1. Confirm coverage
  2. Make sure that the doctor takes any applicable insurance policies and that he or she is accepting new patients with that insurance policy. If the doctor is not in-network, determine the coverage for an out-of-network provider.

  3. Inquire about appointment policies
  4. Ask how the doctor handles the need for appointments on a short notice and how he or she deals with patients who need to make a same day cancellation.

  5. Question the doctor's treatment philosophy
  6. Things to ask about include the use of prescription drugs, supplements, therapy methods and attitudes towards holistic medicine.