How Do You Interview a Custom Home Builder for Your Project?

Property owners who want to hire a contractor or builder should focus on some specific questions during the interview process. These questions should cover topics such as whether the contractor is licensed and insured, how long the project will take and how the final price for the project is determined, notes Other questions issues of compatibility, such as whether the builder is familiar with or capable of executing certain desired energy-saving features and stylistic preferences.

The prospective homeowner should not shy away from asking questions about the builder's reputation, including requesting references and examples of similar projects the contractor has completed in the past. This includes asking about what kind of warranties the builder offers, and what his process is for final inspections and walk-throughs when the project is complete.

It is also important for the interview process to provide an assessment of the contractor's ability to execute the job, so the interviewer should ask questions about what kind of support staff the contractor uses, states Other personnel questions, such as who will be on the job site each day and who the manager of the site will be, are also appropriate. Builders are used to being asked such questions by prospective clients, so it is important to avoid feeling timid and to focus on getting required information without worrying about being too invasive.