How Do You Interview for Child Care Jobs?


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Care.com explains that, upon interviewing an individual for a child care job, it is important to ask the right questions to know if the person fits the role. Ask questions about the applicant's experiences and skills. Listen to the answers to determine how qualified she is when it comes to dealing with kids and parents. An applicant must give answers that share her experiences and show her patience.

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Working in the child care industry is not just about providing care to children. It also involves the provision of quality education, safety and development. Hence, it is important to know if the candidates' personal skills are appropriate for the job. Ask different scenario questions during the interview, to see how the interviewees respond to every situation. Asking such type of questions is a way to know the candidates' personality traits, which is indeed important. Each applicant must be flexible and patient when it comes to dealing with children.

See to it that they also have a good interpersonal and communication skills. Working in the child care industry require interaction with parents who have different personalities, so possessing skills as such is definitely a must. Also, try to observe if the candidate is aware of the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards, as these are the basic framework of every child care center.

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