How Do You Find Interstate Trucking Jobs?


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Find interstate truck driving jobs from specialty trucking websites like BigTruckDrivingJobs.com or general job-search sites, such as Indeed and Monster. Enter the words "interstate truck driver" into the search box of the latter as well as a city and state or ZIP code to find nearby jobs.

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The majority of trucking companies operate interstate routes, which are generally designated as over the road. An interstate truck driving job operates in at least two states. Regional routes focus on deliveries in one specific area of the country, typically encompassing the states in that area. A regional route in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, for example, operates in some combination of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California.

The truck driving field is, as of 2015, experiencing a significant increase in job numbers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry is expected to increase job availability by 11 percent in the next ten years, which adds 192,000 more available positions to 1.7 million existing trucking jobs. This, coupled with currently vacant driving positions, means that trucking companies are competing for experienced drivers with offers of bonuses, guaranteed time at home and increased compensation, such as higher mileage pay and benefits.

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