How Do You Get an Internship at a Magazine?

How Do You Get an Internship at a Magazine?

How Do You Get an Internship at a Magazine?

Getting an internship at a magazine begins with searching for companies that write magazines within your locality. Ask friends for referrals, or browse the websites of your favorite magazines to check for available internship vacancies. Submit applications comprising of a cover letter and a resume to the magazine companies, and wait for the interview invitation.

  1. Search for magazine companies

    Search for all magazine companies within your area before applying for an internship. Check their topics of interest to help you prepare for an interview if invited. You can search for more magazine companies by checking magazine websites. Ask your professors and fellow students for leads on which magazine companies offer internships.

  2. Apply for an internship

    Submit applications to several magazine companies as early as January. Although some companies hire interns at the end of the semester, other companies require intern positions to be filled immediately. You need to apply to many magazines, including those that don’t interest you, as the internship experience is valuable nonetheless.

  3. Prepare for internship

    Read the magazine and become familiar with its content, style and selections to prepare for the internship. You may be required to sit for an editing test, which includes editing articles or a story, so sharpen your editing skills. Brush up on your grammar and writing skills as well. Some companies require interns to pitch stories or rewrite stories from other publications before being hired.