How Do You Find an Internship?


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To find an internship, write a resume, use all available resources, think through your options, and make a list of potential organizations. Finally, write a good cover letter, and apply for an internship.

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  1. Write a resume

    Write a resume detailing what you have learned so far in your college career, and list your credentials. Pay special attention to formatting, presentation of information and grammar.

  2. Use all available resources

    Meet with an internship adviser, and go over your resume. Ask about career fairs, job databases, alumni directories, info sessions and other resources that help you find an appropriate internship.

  3. Consider your options

    Next, research what kind of work people in your major typically perform. Think about what appeals to you and is related to your major.

  4. Make a list of potential organizations

    Write down 10 to 20 organizations for which you would like to work. This list is to make it easier to find an internship even in a difficult job market. Have the most attractive organizations at the top of your list.

  5. Write a good cover letter

    Write a cover letter detailing why you want to work for the specific company, and what makes you a good fit for them. Use the job description as a guide for what to address in the cover letter. Have your internship adviser look over your cover letters before submitting them.

  6. Apply for an internship

    Send out your applications through your campus job database or directly to the company. Create networks with alumni who work for your target organizations, as this could increase your chances of securing an internship.

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