How Does the Internet Truckstop Load Board Work to Match Truck Drivers With Freight Jobs?

To access available loads on Truckstop, drivers first apply online at and, once approved, create their carrier profile, including load preferences and equipment information. For a monthly fee, a driver then accesses the online load board via computer or smartphone by entering point of origin and number of miles, which can be expanded to broaden the search. After entering this information, the driver receives a list of loads that fit his preferences and equipment.

The Truckstop load board is refreshed every 60 seconds. Drivers can access new postings while in the process of searching for an appropriate load. Each driver has an individual online workspace on Truckstop on which he can access his past searches and other information. Drivers can also highlight or hide specific brokers in their searches. Drivers also have access to rate and negotiation tools, telephone support, and road and weather information. For an additional monthly fee, drivers can pin preferred and hide unwanted loads, receive information about the best fuel stops and routing, and calculate international fuel tax agreement taxes.

Truckstop recommends that drivers and brokers use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to post and search loads. Microsoft Explorer version 9.0 or other browsers that support HTML, CSS, Java and Flash are also compatible.