What Are Some Internet-Only Banks?

Internet-only banks include Ally Bank, Green Dot and Moven. Credit card companies American Express and Capital One offer online banking options, like savings and checking accounts.

Ally Bank accommodates customers who maintain high account balances. Their savings accounts generate high-interest rates, while their checking accounts also garner respectable interest. Ally allows its customers to use any ATM without fees. Additionally, the bank will reimburse any fees taken by the ATM's host bank. They also provide the option to deposit checks via smartphone.

Green Dot's GoBank is entirely mobile based. Their app allows users to open an account, apply for a debit card, and pay bills directly. Green Dot has a "pay what you can" fee schedule ranging from $0 to around $9. However, GoBank is solely a checking account and funds do not earn high interest rates.

Moven offers checking accounts with debit cards and no monthly fees. They have a smartphone app that works in conjunction with the debit card, reporting account balance changes as soon as money is spent or deposited. The app gives users the option of foregoing their debit card in lieu of MasterCard PayPass. Users are also able to link all existing accounts to use Moven as a single payment source.

American Express offers an Internet-only savings account that easily links with other bank accounts. There are no monthly fees or minimum balances. American Express also offers account access and customer service, no matter the day or time.

Capital One's Internet banking program, 360, offers both checking and savings accounts. Neither require fees or minimums. Checking accounts are accessible from around 38,000 ATMs, and checks can be deposited through their smartphone app.