What Is an International Scholarship?


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An international scholarship is a financial award offered to students who wish to pursue a college education outside the United States, explains International Education Financial Aid. Some colleges in the United States actively seek students from other countries, and these students are also eligible for an international scholarship.

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As of 2015, examples of international scholarships include the Kitchener University Scholarship, the Japanese Language Aurora Foundation Scholarship, the MathMods Scholarship, the Ambassador Scholarship at Heidelburg University and the Scholarship for foreign students at the University of Information Science and Technology, according to InternationalScholarships.com. Some of these awards are limited to students from particular countries, and some are intended solely for students pursuing particular fields of study. Undergraduate students at universities in the United Kingdom are eligible for the Kitchener University Scholarship, and Japanese language teachers who plan to travel to Japan may apply for the Aurora Foundation Scholarship. The MathMods Scholarship is only available to physics, math and engineering students who intend to earn a Master's degree at a European school, and students who demonstrate leadership and personal initiative may qualify for Heidelburg University's Ambassador Scholarship. The University of Information Science and Technology in the Republic of Macedonia offers undergraduate scholarships to students from select countries studying in fields such as technology and physics.

The Fulbright Program offers grants and fellowships to U.S. students, artists and professionals who wish to study abroad for a year, notes the Institute of International Education. Foreign students seeking to study and conduct research in the United States are eligible for Fulbright Scholarships, which may be renewed after one year. The U.S. Department of State administers the Fulbright programs, which include opportunities for teachers, scholars and students to study and teach in the United States and around the world.

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