How Do Interior Designers Use Color Swatches?


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Interior designers use swatches in order to test the way a particular paint, furniture or carpet color will look within a space against other colors. This helps interior decorators create a color scheme within a space. Interior designers also view the color swatches against the lighting within a room, since light significantly impacts the way color looks.

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How Do Interior Designers Use Color Swatches?
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Interior designers are able to use swatches to help homeowners decide which color best suits their room. The color in a room can impact someone's mood, and even the way they perceive temperature. Color is also influential in the amount of space a room feels like it has, and it adds brightness to a darker space. It can alsoenhance the perceived energy of a space.

There are many perceptions of how color impacts psychology. Generally speaking, green is considered a relaxing color, while blue is regarded as a calming color and red is perceived as energizing. By using a swatch instead of painting the space and making a larger commitment, interior designers ensure they create the right mood for their client. Swatches are also useful before purchasing a couch or carpet to see if it needs to be upholstered in a different color.

Interior design professionals have the advantageof being able to order color swatches from paint companies for free.

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