What Are Some Interesting Trends in the Tourism Industry?


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Interesting trends in the tourism industry as of 2015 include an increase in tourists drawn to sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism, cultural travels, sports and health tourism, and adventure travels. The travel industry is becoming increasingly segmented so that certain populations, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers, students, volunteers, and people from Brazil, Russia, India and China are spending a vast amount on traveling.

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Sustainable tourism focuses on improving or maintaining the places people travel to, including the destination's environment, heritage, culture and the overall well-being of the residents of local communities. It focuses on the desires of travelers while meeting the financial needs of residents. Similarly, ecotourism focuses on conservation and cultural understanding while leaving the least environmental impact on places visited.

With the increased awareness of sexual minorities, tourism leaders strive to create welcoming environments for same-sex couples. The gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community spent more than $200 billion on travel in 2014, which shapes how travel organizations tailor their products and services.

Tourist destinations are increasingly touting themselves as places for vacationers to improve their spiritual, physical and mental health. Travelers seek destinations that help them achieve weight loss goals, receive treatment, minimize the impact of aging and reduce stress. Tourist destinations feature diet and exercise programs, meditation and medical procedures.

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