What Are Some Interesting Biography Interview Questions?

Some good topics for biography interview questions include earliest memory, happiest or saddest moment, hopes for the future and how the person met his or her significant other. Questions for a biography interview should be detailed enough to discover interesting information about the person, yet not too intrusive.

A biography is the story of a person's life. When writing a biography, the author should use probing questions to gain information. Some of the questions will be the same, regardless of who is interviewed. Standard questions include place and date of birth, childhood experiences and early education. Questions that address later years in life, however, may change depending on the life path that the interviewee chose to take. For example, if a politician is interviewed, then questions might cover how he or she became interested in politics, his or her first political role and the political figure he or she most admires.

When interviewing family members, the biography is more informal. Delving deep into family history is fascinating and biographical questions should take advantage of that. The majority of Americans were at one point immigrants, so a good place to start would be to inquire how the family's ancestors first came to the country. Some follow-up questions could cover the lives and jobs of great-grandparents, or how the grandparents survived a significant event such as a world war or the great depression.