What Are Some Interesting Articles on Nurse Leadership?


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“Moral Courage and the Nurse Leader,” in The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, and “What Makes a Good Nurse Leader?,” on NurseZone.com, are two interesting articles on nurse leadership. Both articles offer practical strategies to be an effective nurse leader.

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The first article, written by Cole Edmonson, investigates moral distress that arises from having the knowledge of what the morally correct thing to do is, while being organizationally constrained from doing it - a position many nurse leaders face due to complex work environments. The author shares the ‘4 A’s Framework,’ a strategy to deal with moral distress that involves four stages: Ask, Affirm, Assess and Act.

The second article, written by Jennifer Larson, details seven steps for nurses to take to develop nursing leadership potential. The author outlines easily taken steps, such as reading more, volunteering, acquiring more education and joining a professional organization, as ways to help advance leadership opportunities. Further, she highlights empathy and a willingness to consider alternative perspectives as additional skills necessary for nurse leadership.

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