Why Are You Interested in This Job?


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The best answers to the question "Why are you interested in this job?" tend to focus on the applicant's qualifications, on how well they would fit into the job environment, and on how it would benefit the company to hire the applicant. The question is perhaps the key question any job seeker faces. Job seekers should prepare a range of answers to this question if they hope to make a good impression in their job interviews.

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In answering the question "Why are you interested in this job?", job applicants should point out how their qualifications and experience fit the needs that the hiring company are trying to meet. If the applicant knows people who already work at the company, mentioning their positive comments about working there is a good idea, as doing so allows the applicant to make a personal connection with the interviewer. When the question is asked, a skillful applicant will use the opportunity to restate her experience and qualifications and point out why they are a perfect fit for the company. Job seekers can also speak to their experience using the company's products and services as a way of showing why they respect the company. They can also express their ideas about how the company is poised for expansion or advancement and how they might fit in to the company's growth.

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