How Do You Get the Best Interest Rate for Your Capital One Credit Card?


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Customers should compare cards before applying for one to get the one with the lowest available rate, according to The Wall Street Journal. Other options are looking for Capital One credit cards with low introductory rates or calling to request a lower rate on an existing card.

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Capital One is a bank that provides credit card services for customers across the United States. It offers more than a dozen different credit cards with different features and different interest rates. If looking to apply for a credit card, customers should evaluate each of their offerings to compare interest rates, as stated by The Wall Street Journal. Most Capital One cards have a variable interest rate that ranges between a low and a high rate. The company lists the minimum and maximum rate for each card, so customers can rest assured that their rates will never exceed a specific amount. Customers can also consider cards that offer low introductory rates, which offer an extra low rate for a certain period of time before rising to the standard variable rate.

Customers who already have a Capital One card and want to get a lower rate can try calling the company, as recommended by CreditCards.com. They can ask the customer service representative if the company can lower the interest rate on that card. If the representative refuses, customers can try speaking with the supervisor to request a lower rate. It is a good idea to be polite, and outline reasons why the company should lower the rate.

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