What insurances cover a bronchoscopy procedure?


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Most insurance plans cover bronchoscopies. While every health insurance plan has coverage exemptions, a bronchoscopy is a medically useful, minimally invasive procedure that requires a doctor's referral. In most cases, local anesthesia can be used, making it less risky than other invasive pulmonary diagnostic methods.

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In order to determine a plan's restrictions related to any specific procedures or treatments, simply call the insurance company's customer service line. Using a policy number, a representative can look up any specific details relating to an individual's plan, including whether or not a bronchoscopy would be covered. Even if a particular procedure is not covered, the insurance company should note any alternative methods that are. Since an invasive procedure should never be taken lightly, consult a physician about the risks and benefits of each available option before making a decision.

It is also possible to consult a policy's summary of benefits and coverage for a more detailed and comprehensive listing of exemptions. Insurance companies are legally required to provide this information and notify customers if anything changes. A paper copy is generally mailed to the policy holder upon enrollment. Most companies offer online access in some form, making it easier for individual policy holders to search for policy specifics.

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