What insurance services does Fidelity and Guaranty Life offer?


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Fidelity and Guaranty Life offers life insurance services, according to its website. As of June 2015, the policies can be issued to any individual under the age of 85, the minimum face amount of any policy is $50,000 and loans are available.

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The two life insurance products offered by Fidelity and Guaranty Life are FG Life-Choice and FG Life-Elite, according to its website. The former is recommended for individuals focused on accumulating cash, while the latter is recommended for individuals who are focused on receiving a high, tax-free income stream. Preferred underwriting is available for both products, as are both fixed and variable loans. Both products also share the same surrender charge period of 15 years. Free withdrawals are available from the second year onward.

Fidelity and Guaranty Life is a company offering highly customizable life insurance and annuity products, as its website states. As of June 2015, the company serves a total of 700,000 customers, and its products are distributed throughout the United States by a network of about 25,000 independent agents. The company also makes its products available through specialty brokerage firms and on certain institutional markets, as MarketWatch reports. The company's headquarters are in Des Moines, Iowa.

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