What Insurance Plans Offer Free Medical Transportation?


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Free medical transportation comes from federal insurance programs, namely Medicaid; Medicaid offers free non-emergency medical transportation to eligible people throughout the United States. Medicaid, like many insurance companies, requires some portion of payment for services, called a premium or co-pay, in some states. The scope of its transportation services varies among states too, as does age of eligibility, as shown on the Kaiser Family Foundation website.

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Some transportation that Medicaid covers requires no co-payment from beneficiaries, while other services do. In some states, Medicaid medical transportation extends to relatives and family members of beneficiaries, too. For non-emergency medical transportation, Medicaid may require prior authorization or approval. These requirements also vary among states. Some states, like Alaska, Connecticut and California, require prior authorization for all types of medical transportation. Others, like Alabama, mandate pre-authorization only for transportation covering a certain distance, such as 100 miles. The District of Columbia requires pre-authorization only for medi-van transport, while Kansas offers free medical transportation for select transportation methods.

Some states also impose limits for transportation based on frequency or other qualifying factors. Alabama, for instance, covers the cost of no more than two medical transports per month, per beneficiary. All states must provide Medicaid beneficiaries with non-emergency medical transport services, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. However, they may set their own policies regarding implementation and scope of coverage.

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