How Do You Find Insurance Coverage for Implants?

Insurance companies often classify dental implants as cosmetic procedures, meaning some companies or policies may not cover them, notes 1Dental. One strategy for finding insurance coverage for dental implants may be to look for a policy that specifically states that it covers cosmetic procedures. However, even this may not guarantee coverage; many policies have exclusions relating to dental implant procedures, so individuals who are specifically looking for this type of coverage may want to thoroughly inspect the policy before purchasing to make sure it provides the right kind of benefits for dental implants.

While some policies do cover cosmetic procedures and will pay out benefits for the dental implant process, dental patients should be aware that insurance policies rarely, if ever, fully cover the cost of cosmetic dental procedures. This means that the cost of dental implants may be only partially covered by an insurance policy.

One resource dental patients may have for finding the right kind of insurance coverage is to ask their dentist's office, as reported by 1Dental. Dental professionals often have good knowledge of what different insurance policies cover, and they are also more familiar with the types of charges they will bill for during a dental implant procedure. Individuals who are trying to determine whether their current insurance policy covers the dental implant work they need may also want to consult their dentist's office.