Does Insurance Cover Root Canal Procedures?


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Dental insurance does generally cover the cost of root canals, although patients may need to pay a portion of the cost too through co-pay. The scope of dental insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance provider and plan, but can significantly reduce the cost of dental work, including root canals. A root canal procedure may cost between $300 and $1,000 per person; even routine cleanings may cost $100 or more, but people with dental insurance pay for just a portion of those fees, according to Forbes.

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Dental insurance plans vary in amount of dental services covered and type of payment plan. In contrast to health insurance, many dental plans offer financial assistance for a set amount of dental work each year. Dental insurance providers cover a pre-determined amount of procedures, such as cleanings, crowns and root canals, then require patients to pay the remainder.

As with health insurance, most dental plans operate on an annual contract. Most employers offer dental coverage as a commodity or optional benefit, even if they offer standard healthcare. For a fee, employees may add dental coverage to their benefits coverage. Some choose to forego dental coverage, but run the risk of having to incur the full costs of expensive dental procedures when the need arises.

People without dental insurance in need of root canals may inquire about dental coverage from their employers. If employers do not offer dental coverage, they may shop for dental insurance from third parties. Not having dental insurance may save money initially, but often proves financially ineffective for significant dental work and families, as stated by Forbes.

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