Will Insurance Cover Hospital Bed Rental?


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Most insurance providers and Medicare Part B cover hospital bed rentals as long as the patient's doctor prescribes the equipment. Most policies consider hospital beds as durable equipment. The company often expects the patient to pay any co-pays and may cap what it is willing to pay for the equipment.

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Coverage for a hospital bed and mattress requires two separate prescriptions, as the one for the bed does not include the mattress. If the patient requires special features on the bed or a special mattress due to specific medical needs, the doctor must include these in the order, as of 2015.

Under Medicare Part B, after the patient rents the equipment for 13 consecutive months, it becomes his. Switching from a non-contract carrier to a contract carrier restarts the 13-month period; however, the patient's responsibility is often lower due to the contract price. Once the equipment becomes the property of the patient, Medicare continues to cover supplies, as long as they come from a contract carrier. Any Medicare-approved supplier is able to make repairs under the coverage.

Secondary insurance often covers any co-pay and some other expenses not covered by the primary insurance. The provider should provide information concerning the actual cost of the equipment to the subscriber.

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