Does Insurance Help Cover the Cost of Nail Fungus Laser Treatment?


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Medical insurance generally does not cover the cost of nail fungus laser treatments. Insurance companies consider the procedure cosmetic and not medically necessary. The price of the treatment varies depending on the provider, and the recipient usually pays for the entire cost.

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Individuals develop nail fungus when microscopic organisms grow underneath the nail. The condition most commonly occurs in toenails because they are kept within the warm, moist confines of socks and shoes. Left untreated, the fungal growth creates pain and permanently damages the nail, as it thickens and turns yellow. It may also pull away from the finger or toe. Some individuals also experience a foul odor in the nail area.

Laser therapy treatments use light and heat to specifically target the infected area and kill the growing fungus. The procedure also eliminates the organisms that promote fungal growth. Once the fungal source is gone, the technician uses the laser to remove any thickened nail that developed because of the fungus.

The procedure usually takes 20 minutes per treated nail, and improvement occurs after one session. Within three months of the procedure, healthy new nail growth begins. Some individuals require a follow-up treatment if their everyday hygiene promotes recurring infections.

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