What Insurance Companies Offer Coverage for Emergency Roadside Assistance?

Most companies that offers automobile insurance also offer emergency roadside assistance, including Geico, Allstate, American Automobile Association, State Farm and Progressive, according to CNN Money. The extra coverage for emergency roadside assistance typically carries an additional cost.

Emergency roadside assistance can be a good option to add to an automobile insurance policy, and the cost is usually minimal compared to the normal cost of a tow or roadside assistance. However, according to CNN Money, if drivers use the service often, they may see an increase in their insurance premiums, or they may end up having the company cancel the service from the insurance policy altogether. Not all insurance providers consider usage in determining future rates, so it can pay to shop around.

It is important to check the different options that come with roadside assistance package, to confirm that the things you need are covered, states Consumer Reports. For example, some plans only allow a car to be towed to a mechanic within 5 miles of where it broke down, while other premium packages allow up to 100 miles. People living or traveling in rural areas should make sure their policies allow an adequate towing distance to a reputable mechanic. Otherwise, they could be held responsible for paying the cost of the towing service.