How Do You Find an Insurance Agent?


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Consumers can find insurance agents through referrals from family, friends, colleagues, business owners and trade associations, advises the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Individuals can search the Internet for agents handling the line of coverage they need. When looking for an insurance agent, the first consideration should not be the coverage prices of policies the agent is offering but rather the expertise of the agent, reports Bankrate.

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Know the terms for different types of agents, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Captive agents represent and receive commissions from only one insurance company, while independent agents may represent a number of companies. Insurance brokers represent the client rather than the insurance companies and attempt to find the best price for the coverage needed, but they charge a fee for their work. When making a selection, consider an agent's licensing, credentials, references and personality. If an agent is attached to a particular company, check the company's financial rating.

Evaluate a potential agent by asking how the agent would handle past or hypothetical insurance situations, advises the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. When in doubt, ask the state insurance department about the agent. Until the consumer is sure of the agent and insurance company he is dealing with, he should withhold sensitive information such as bank details and Social Security number. Keep copies of all relevant paperwork.

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