What Does an Insurance Agent Do?


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Insurance agents sell prepaid health, auto and life insurance policies that offer holders access to financial benefits in case of personal injury or property damage. Agents typically work as part of an insurance company or a brokerage firm that provides these insurance policies.

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An insurance agent who works for an insurance company serves as a salesperson who only sells insurance policies from that company, whereas one who works for a brokerage firm typically sells policies from various companies. While dealing with their clients, including both businesses and individuals, insurance agents help them pick an appropriate policy and offer additional financial packages. They normally present a variety of insurance policies and try to determine which one suits their clients’ needs the best by establishing goals and analyzing the financial situation.

In addition to working with clients directly, insurance agents seek to acquire new clients by contacting them via phone, email messages or online media. They are also in charge of keeping the beneficiaries of insurance policies apprised of developments regarding insurance claim processing, verification or renewal. Insurance agents build a base of potential clients by creating a list of prospects and using referrals. They also draw in new clients by making presentations and informing the public at company-sponsored gatherings about the benefits of insurance policies.

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