What Are Some Instructions for Safely Using an ATM?


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Some instructions for safely using an ATM include having your card ready for use and shielding both the screen and the keyboard of the ATM. Shielding the ATM prevents anyone else from seeing your personal identification number and transaction amount. As soon as you complete your withdrawal, put your cash, card and receipt away.

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To safely use an ATM, observe its surroundings first. Avoid using the ATM if it is poorly lit. If you notice anything that appears suspicious, cancel your transaction. Ask someone you know to accompany you if you need to withdraw cash at night.

If you need to use your card to enter an enclosed ATM, do not let any strangers follow you inside. Lock all your passenger doors and roll up all your windows when using a drive-through ATM. When you need to get out of your car to use an ATM, lock your car and do not leave your engine running.

Other safety instructions include checking with your bank to learn the operating hours of its ATMs and any daily withdrawal limits. Memorize your PIN and do not write it down on the card. Avoid selecting a PIN that coincides with any of your personal information such as birthdays and phone numbers.

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