How Do You Install a Wall Mounted Mailbox?

How Do You Install a Wall Mounted Mailbox?

To install a wall mounted mailbox, choose the right location, get postmaster approval and use the correct hardware to mount. Factors to consider when mounting a mailbox include protection from the elements, visibility and installation height.

An ideal location for a wall mounted mailbox is where it is easily visible from a peephole or sidelight window, usually alongside a door. This helps the resident to feel more secure when retrieving mail and avoid making multiple trips to the mailbox, especially during bad weather.

Although there are no regulations governing the height of mailboxes, it is helpful to consider whether a shorter or wheelchair bound person or child can access the mailbox. A mailbox that is at eye level is also ideal.

The next step is to verify with a postmaster that the location for the mailbox is acceptable. The postal service typically requires wall mounted mailboxes to be located along the postal carrier’s route and to be accessible by a walkway. It is equally important to check with the local postmaster before changing the location of an existing mailbox.

Lastly, read the accompanying installation instructions, and use the proper mounting hardware when installing a new wall mounted mailbox. The exact mounting instructions depend on the specific type of mailbox, and the exterior mounting material where the mailbox is mounted determines the type of hardware to use.