How Do You Install a Prefab Modular Cabin?


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Build the foundation, assemble the cabin and connect the utilities to install a modular cabin. There are multiple foundation types, and depending on the size, location and layout of the cabin, heavy equipment such as a crane may be necessary for assembly.

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The foundation for a modular log cabin can consist of a simple concrete slab, concrete posts, a crawlspace or a full basement. Larger cabins and full-time homes typically have a crawlspace or full basement installed for easier maintenance, extra storage and additional square footage. Many small vacation cabins are placed directly on a flat pad while others are placed on concrete block pillars depending on the soil conditions.

Some single unit modular homes can be lifted straight off of the delivery vehicle and onto the foundation without any additional equipment. Double and triple-wide homes require heavy equipment to place the structures properly.

All of the utilities are in place inside of the modular cabins. The owner is responsible for connecting the electrical supply to the main house panel. Plumbing connections also must be made for incoming water supply and outgoing sewer connections. If sewer lines are not available at the building site, then the owner has to install a septic system in the proper location for connection to the home.

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