How Do You Install a Brother Fax Machine?


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To install a Brother fax machine, position the toner drum inside the front cover of the device, place the machine on the secondary tray, and connect the two. Attach the piece that supports documents and the document tray to the machine, and place blank sheets of paper in the paper tray. Connect the machine to a phone and the phone line. Finally, provide power supply to the machine, and adjust the time and date.

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Before placing the toner drum inside the Brother fax machine, shake it well to loosen and even the toner, and take out its plastic tab. Then, open the fax machine's front cover, slip the toner in, and shut the cover.

After placing the machine on the secondary paper tray, connect the tray's cable to the machine's modular plug. When the piece for supporting documents is snapped on the machine, it should jut out from the device's back. The document tray, when snapped in position, must jut forward.

To place blank papers in the paper tray, pull the tray out of the machine, and adjust the tray guides according to the size of the paper. Ensure that the tray is three-fourths filled with paper, and push the tray into the machine.

Connect the fax machine to the phone that comes with it via the port marked with a phone receiver's picture. Use a phone cable to connect the machine and the phone line via the machine's LINE port. Plug the power cord's adapter into the wall outlet, and the cord's other end into the corresponding port on the machine.

When the fax machine is turned on, press Menu and then 1 and 2 to set the current time and date. Press Set and then Stop/Exit after making the adjustments.

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