How Do You Inquire About Your Credit Card Balance?


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Inquire about your credit card's balance by contacting your credit card company on the telephone, via the Internet, on a smartphone application or by checking your credit card statement, recommends LaToya Irby for About.com. Contact information for your credit card company is on the back of the actual credit card.

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To get the most current balance on your credit card, call the number listed on the back of your credit card, or Google your credit card company's contact information, according to Irby. You can usually check your balance without having to speak to a customer service representative by entering your credit card account number and other security information such as your phone number or Social Security number. If you do not have your credit card account number, you have to speak to a representative who looks up the information for you.

You can also get most credit card balance information on the company's website by setting up an online account. Check your credit card statement or the back of your credit card to find the company's website. In addition, says Irby, most major credit card companies offer smartphone and tablet apps that you can download from the Google Store or Apple's App Store, usually for free. You need Internet access to download and use these apps.

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