How Do You Inquire About Your Balance at an ATM?

To check an account balance with an automated teller machine card, insert the card into the ATM, enter the card's personal identification number, and select the "Account Balance" option on the screen. The ATM machine asks if the user wants a printout, and the account balance appears on that printout or on the display screen. Some banks charge a balance inquiry fee for checking the account balance at an unaffiliated ATM.

Each bank has three types of ATM machines, including those owned by the bank, affiliated ATMs and unaffiliated ATMs. Most banks allow their customers to make unlimited withdrawals from the ATMs they own or affiliated ATMs without incurring service charges. Unaffiliated ATMs charge a service fee when a customer makes a withdrawal, and the customer's bank also charges another service fee for using the unaffiliated ATM.

ATMs allow a bank account holder to make deposits, withdrawals, transfer money between accounts and check account balances. Some ATMs allow customers to make speedy deposits by scanning cash and immediately depositing the money into the customer's account. Other ATMs offer deposit advances by allowing customers to make withdrawals before the bank credits their accounts with their deposits. Banks offer deposit advances based on their relationship with each individual customer and consider factors such as the account balance and how often customer's checks bounce.