What Are Some Innovative Responses for Explaining Your Weaknesses in a Job Interview?


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Innovative responses for explaining weaknesses in a job interview include mentioning past weaknesses or weaknesses that are not important to the specific job. You can also mention supposed weaknesses that are actually strengths in the job for which you are applying.

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One innovative approach to the common interview question about an applicant's greatest weakness is to focus on a past weakness that the applicant has turned into a strength. For instance, you can mention that you used to be late for work or meetings, but after a manager or colleague pointed out the importance of being on time, you took steps to correct the situation and now always arrive early.

You might also emphasize a weakness that is irrelevant to the skill set of the job for which you are applying. For example, a production artist might confess a weakness in financial matters, or a nurse might mention a lack of confidence in speaking before a group.

Sometimes it is effective to mention personal weaknesses that double as job strengths, such as an obsession to see projects completed on time or meticulous attention to checking details. However, it's best to be honest and not claim weaknesses such as perfectionism or a tendency to overwork, as interviewers tend to dismiss these answers as insincere.

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