How Do You Initiate a Security Freeze With a Credit Bureau?


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To freeze your credit report with a credit bureau, you must mail in a security freeze request that provides all requested personal information and the correct payment, explains About.com. Security freezes are free for victims of identity theft.

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To mail in a security freeze request for each bureau, include your full name, your current address, your addresses for the past two years, your birth date and your Social Security number. You also need a photocopy of your ID, proof of residence and the required payment. If you are a victim of identity theft, make a copy of an identity theft report, police report or other proof of identity theft, and send it to the bureau via certified mail, instructs About.com. You should soon receive a password or PIN to permanently or temporarily unfreeze your report.

Visit the Equifax, Experian and TransUnion websites to find specific information for placing a security freeze on your credit report. Access the online freeze forms, or call the bureau for additional information, suggests About.com. Be aware that accessing the website and speaking with a representative may take more time after a major security breach. Check the fee schedule for each bureau, which varies by state but generally ranges from $3 to $10, as of 2015.

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