How do you iniate a credit freeze with Equifax?


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To initiate a credit freeze with Equifax, a request must be sent through Equifax. It must be paid for if the reason for freezing is not identity theft, states the Equifax website.

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The reason for initiating a credit freeze is important to identify. If freezing due to identity theft, checking with state law should be the first step to take. The fee may be waived for the credit freeze based on the state it's being requested in. If requesting a freeze to prevent personal information being sent to other companies, the fees vary by state.

Initiating a credit freeze can only be done in the name of the person applying for it. No one can request a credit freeze for someone else, as reported by the Equifax website. Once applied for a credit freeze, it will remain on the account until it is removed by the person who's name it is under.

The credit freeze application is available online or can be submitted through mail. Through mail, the person applying has to submit personal information such as full name, complete address and Social Security number. The money that is owed, if not in the case of identity theft, much be sent along with it in the form of check, money order or credit card.

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