What Are Some Informative Articles About Business Management?


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"How Leaders Build Effective Teams through Quality Management and Teamwork" is a good article on business management. Find this article on the Business Training Media website. "What is Workplace Conflict?" is another good article on business management at the Business Training Media website.

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Myron Curry is the author of both these articles. His article on quality management and teamwork talks about what effective managers do right to promote teamwork and well-being within the groups they manage. For example, he talks about how good managers and leaders often go out of their way to encourage open communication throughout the group. This article then goes on to talk about how managers strive to keep not only their customers at the forefront of their minds when making decisions, but they also have the best interest of their employees in mind as well.

In his article about conflict in the workplace, Curry goes on to define workplace conflict as any situation where there are opinion differences not only within the department but potentially within the organization as well. Additionally, he points out some of the mitigating factors that could contribute to conflict in the workplace, such as the hierarchy of the workplace, the dynamics of the office and the general demeanor of the employees.

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