What Information Would RFP Examples Include?


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Information that would appear on a Request for Proposal document example include a description of the project, funding or commodity available, as well as the specific format in which the company wishes to receive bids. The form may also feature dates and deadlines for submission and project points, a description of the company offering the project and instructions on how to submit proposals.

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A Request for Proposal is a type of solicitation that a company issues when it is in need of another firm or contractor to join in a partnership or other venture, in order to achieve a specific objective, such as distributing a commodity or completing construction at a building site. The document allows the issuing company to outline exactly what it wants from the bidders as well as what it has to offer, so that the company can control the bidding process and create a demand for its work. As such, a sample Request for Proposal would simulate an actual document through the use of a fictional company and project.

The document would typically begin with a statement explaining the exact nature of the commodity or service available, including specific details about start dates, deadlines and resources. It also includes a description of how the bidders should submit proposals, such as through certain forms or by including specific information in a letter. It also explains how the bidders need to send in proposals, file size and formatting restrictions and the contact information of the party overseeing the process.

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