What Information Would a Proposal for Services Include?


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A proposal for services should include information on how the client’s needs is addressed, an overview of how other clients with similar needs have been helped, a link to previous work, reasons the client should choose this proposal, and a quote with pricing information and payment processing. The proposal should give the client an overview of the provided services without going into the details of the plan, according to Maven Communications, LLC.

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To fulfill these requirements, the proposal for services should touch on three main points: the objective, the expected results and the way the results are measured. The objective should be spelled out clearly and concisely to demonstrate that the client’s needs are understood. The expected results are the selling point of the proposal and should emphasize what gains the client can expect from the agreement. Specific details should be provided to aid the client in making an informed decision, but should not reveal too many details that might cause confusion, says Writer’s Living. Finally, listing the measurement practices can help the client better understand the expected results without revealing more pertinent information about the strategy. Each of these points should be used to highlight the reasons the services are worth the quoted price.

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