What Information Would a New Employee Orientation Checklist Include?


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A good new employee orientation checklist has information about welcoming the new hire, expected employee conduct, and compensation and benefits. The orientation checklist should also contain information about job responsibilities and performance expectations.

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Give the new employee a tour of the facility and the work areas. Introduce the other employees so that the new hire can understand the roles played by the other employees and how they relate to each other. This helps to foster a sense of belonging and creates strong relationships among employees.

The orientation should include a thorough description of the new hire’s position. This includes the job description, the resources available for the new hire to perform his duties, and how and when the company conducts performance appraisals.

Discuss the company’s policies during the orientation. Provide an employee handbook that contains all the policies. Inform the new employees about the procedures the company follows to handle misconduct and the process of reporting grievances and violations of the policies.

An orientation provides details on the remuneration, pay intervals, deductions and other benefits entitled to the employee. This is an opportunity for discussing the advantages that the employee enjoys while working for the company. This information helps the employment relationship to begin on a positive note.

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