What Information Would a Letter Requesting an Appointment Include?


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The specific information that should appear in a letter requesting an appointment may vary depending on the nature of the meeting but should typically include an introduction of the writer, the reason why she is requesting the appointment and an explanation of the benefits for both parties. It should also include a closing statement thanking the recipient and mentioning the ideal time and date for the meeting.

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Many business situations may require appointment request letters, such as a job seeker writing to schedule an interview with a company or a sales associating requesting to meet with a potential client. In any case, the letter should use formal and professional language and always address a specific person rather than the company as a whole or a general party. This makes the letter more personal and shows a greater level of care to the process. The letter should open by introducing the writer, including her name, position and a brief summary of her background.

The letter should also state the writer's intent to schedule a meeting as soon as possible, making the statement firm and direct without sounding demanding or entitled. It may be necessary to explain the benefits of the meeting for the writer as well as the recipient to increase the chances of scheduling the appointment successfully. The letter must also include a specific time and date for the meeting, though it should also offer the recipient the option to choose a more convenient time.

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