What Information Do You Typically Need to Fill Out a Medical Form?


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Information that a patient usually needs to fill out a medical form includes personal identification data such as his Social Security number, his medical history, and the medical history of his family, explains About.com. Medication history and treatment history are also important to include on forms, as they ensure proper treatment and prevent failed treatments from being tried again.

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Medical history includes information on immunizations, allergies and the nature of illnesses. For example, they must be identified as either severe, chronic or seasonal, explains About.com. Forgetting to list allergies can lead to major health problems, even death, and when a patient is unable to communicate, doctors refer to medical forms to know about potential allergies and treatments to avoid. When filling out forms, patients should explain diagnoses and even discuss why they never received medical care, in some situations.

Quite a few health issues are genetic, even if they appear to have skipped generations, explains About.com. Many medical forms ask for family medical history to better inform doctors as to a patient's situation and to help in diagnosis and treatment. Some patients are uncomfortable disclosing medication history, especially if it asks about illegal drug use, but that history often is an invaluable help. Medications, whether prescription, illegal or herbal, combine in different ways and have various effects on a person.

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