What Information Is Typically Included on a Free, Printable Will?


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Free, printable wills such as those available online at LawDepot and DoYourOwnWill.com include basic information about the person creating the will, identification of the will's executor, bequests to specific individuals or entities and instructions for distributing any remaining portions of an estate. Elements of a will usually vary by state.

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LawDepot and DoYourOwnWill.com provide interactive, step-by-step questionnaires that guide a user through the process of creating a will. A visitor to these websites enters personal details such as name and address and whether he is married or has children. He also names an executor, who pays the final debts of the estate and ensures that the remaining money and property go to the persons or organizations named in the will.

A website user then adds specifics about how to divide the estate, explains DoYourOwnWill.com. For example, he may bequeath a coin collection to a particular friend, set aside a percentage of the assets for a favorite charity or to care for a pet, and then share the rest of the estate equally among his children and siblings. Finally, he indicates what should happen with the estate if the named beneficiaries die before him. The printable will contains these specifics along with legal provisions regarding the powers of the executor, special dispensations for minors and areas for the signatures of witnesses and a notary public.

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