What Information Is Typically Included in an Employee Review Form?


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The information that typically appears on an employee review form includes the employee's name and title, a summary of responsibilities and a detailed break down of the employee's ability to competently and successfully perform job duties. It also includes general ratings on attitude, punctuality, interactions with coworkers and any improvements from the previous evaluation.

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Employee review forms often begin by clearly outlining the name and position of the employee in question, which allows managers and human resources representatives to quickly file and classify the report for internal purposes. The forms also use this information to establish a baseline of expectations according to the guidelines within the department, which may or may not also appear on the form. The evaluation typically highlights several specific aspects of the employee's job that include quantitative benchmarks, such as meeting quotas or finishing recent projects by a deadline, along with qualitative reviews on the quality of the work.

The forms also track the way the employee fits into the company overall, which may include notes on excessive absences or tardiness, the ability to work well with others or notes on any official or unofficial complaints. As the employee's direct supervisor typically fills out these forms, they also include notes on observations within each category and suggestions on what the employee may improve. If the employee had any such notes on the previous evaluation, it also tracks and rates progress on making the changes that appear in that form.

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