What Information Is Typically Included in a Cash Register Tutorial?


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Though certain aspects of cash register training tutorials vary between models, most typically include instructions on processing transactions, calculating totals, issuing change, and storing credit or debit card receipts. Some tutorials may also focus on how to program special commands, use touch-screen menus, and balance receipts and close a till.

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As there are many different models and lines of cash registers in use, the tutorials for using each machine include instructions and steps unique to its configuration. For example, many manual or early digital cash registers include number pads for entering in specific cash values along with a set of programmable buttons that automatically enter in different set amounts. Tutorials for such machines typically cover the method for operating each set of buttons, how to track the entries on the receipt and how to remove any accidental charges. These tutorials also often explain how to read the display, which may only show values or include a list of items.

Alternately, many touch-screen digital cash registers only include buttons that cover specific items as well as complex menus for navigating through various options. Tutorials for these machines explain how to locate different items as well as access menus for issuing refunds or processing transactions with gift cards. Tutorials for both types of machines also frequently cover the method for closing out a till and checking receipts to ensure the funds within the machine match sales records.

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