What Are Some Information Technology Careers?

What Are Some Information Technology Careers?

Examples of information technology careers include database administrator, network systems manager, technical support specialist and information security analyst. Each job involves knowledge of computer processes and technology structures as well as the ideal use of different systems, which may include both hardware and software. Some roles also call for knowledge of computer programming languages.

A database administrator is responsible for managing the date within a specific computer database, which can include player data for an online video game or bank account details for a financial institution. The administrator uses special software and a specific programming language, such as SQL, to store data, connect it to the company's other systems, and keep it secure.

Network systems managers maintain the daily operations and functions of a company's network and Internet connections. This can include configuring Wi-Fi within an office setting or ensuring that the company's cloud storage system remains functional.

Technical support specialists appear in a variety of settings, aiding both consumers and businesses with the use of different hardware and software. This can include aiding with connectivity issues for an Internet service provider or troubleshooting server malfunctions for a data center.

An information security analyst focuses on ensuring the security of a company's data as well as its network access, to make sure that it has the appropriate protection from outside threats. This role often involves working with other departments to ensure the use of appropriate software as well as managing the access terminals for employees, both on- and off-site.