What Information Is Stored in "My Accounts" for Your Wells Fargo Bank Account?

The My Accounts section of Wells Fargo online banking allows customers to access pertinent information regarding all of their accounts with the bank, including each account's current balance, recent deposits and withdrawals, charges to their accounts by Wells Fargo, and recent debit and credit card transactions. From the My Accounts online interface, customers can also monitor loan activity, such as a loan's current balance, future payment amounts and payment due dates, according to Wells Fargo.

From the My Accounts section, Wells Fargo Online customers can also set up the Wells Fargo reminder system, My Alerts. My Alerts allows customers to choose which email accounts and mobile numbers receive reminders about the due dates of mortgage payments and credit card payments, when one of their brokerage trades go through or when the balance of one of their accounts falls beneath a specified level, as Wells Fargo indicates.

The My Spending Report feature of the My Accounts section offers automatic analysis of the recent activity of each of a customer's Wells Fargo accounts. Through this feature, customers can see graphs and data tables that document how much of their spending goes to groceries, automotive maintenance and repair, entertainment, childcare expenses, and other areas of spending, according to Wells Fargo.