What Information Should Sponsor Letters Include?

A letter to request sponsorship from an individual or business should include information about the letter writer or the organization represented, the type of need that may include a donation of money, products or services, and an expression of thanks. The sponsorship letter should also include the requester's plans for the funds or donations and any type of advertising that is available for the sponsor.

Letter writers should identify how they represent sponsors following their donations. For example, many organizations display names of sponsors for the public to see at an auction, golf tournament or on a banner. Individuals who have personal or professional relationships with potential sponsors should identify this information in their sponsor letters to help build a connection and prompt a call to action.

A sponsor typically needs more information about the individual or organization within the letter to make an informed decision. Letter writers should include how the organization benefits the community, such as a particular school or people who are suffering from injury, ailments or diseases. The letter should include information about any events associated with the sponsorship or donation in case the sponsor chooses to attend.

A letter requesting sponsorship should include tax identification numbers associated with the organization to enable the donor to claim the donation on his tax return.