What Information Should a Resume for a Medical Assistant Include?

What Information Should a Resume for a Medical Assistant Include?

A resume for a medical assistant should include the person's contact information, experience, education, and both clinical and administrative skills. If possible, she should include between two and three references with their contact information.

Contact information includes the person's name, address, phone number and email address. This information goes at the top of the resume. Bold font that's larger than the rest of the resume grabs the reader's attention. A short profile or objective follows. The rest of the resume should be in a list format.

For education, she should list what schools and programs she has attended and when she attended them. For experience, she should list any related positions she has held, the company that employed her and when she worked there.

She should separate clinical and administrative skills into separate categories. The resume needs both because medical assistants must perform a variety of tasks.

A good resume emphasizes the person's strengths while minimizing weaknesses. If she has a long work history, the resume highlights that. If she doesn't have much experience, it focuses on her skills and training. She should customize her resume for each company by reading the position's requirements and focusing on how she fulfills these requirements.

Reference options include managers from previous positions and instructors from school. Connections made through volunteer work are another option.